Case Study - Diamond Dog

Diamond Dog Food & Bakery

As a start-up, they were looking for IT solutions to complement their unique approach to dog nutrition and wellbeing. Having discovered a niche market they were expanding quickly. They soon found their products promoted on television and newspapers. They needed an online presence to match their success.


What We Delivered

Web-Sites Don't Have To Be Expensive

Regardless of what web-site developers tell you, for most small (& medium) size businesses, you don't need an individually tailored web site that takes weeks or months to design and develop.

What Diamond Dog really needed was something fresh and modern to symbolize their intention to stay in touch with today's internet-savvy customers. As part of our Web-site deployment service, we delivered just that. The Web-site is clean and user-friendly. It promotes their trademarked brand name and colours in a media-rich environment that customers are surely going to enjoy.

Shopping Carts Don't Need To Be Complex

Online Sales are gradually overtaking traditional store sales. They cost significantly less to operate and they don't need to be overly complex to manage. Customers now expect reputable retailers to provide online sales facilities so they can purchase from the convenience of their own lounge room. We delivered simple-to-use shopping facilities for their retail customers and a full-featured shopping cart system for their wholesale customers.

Changing Content

Developing Web-sites should be left to experts. On the other hand, changing the content of the web-sites can be done by absolutely anyone. Most web-site developers charge a hefty fee to make small changes to the content of websites. We train our clients to make modifications so they can immediately update their web-site to reflect changes to their individual business conditions. This flexibility saves significant money - noticeable immediately by most clients.


After the first 12 months in business we decided that a new look was required for our website. Using the services of PJ Engineering & Business Solutions we now have a more modern, vibrant site that is user friendly & accessible for customers. It even incorporates a separate shopping section to cater to our growing wholesale business. This was all done in a timely & cost effective way resulting in a great finished product.

Alice Needham - Manager

Saving Money

We find ways to save money further.

Even though our rates are competitive, we usually save our clients even more money in the long-run by finding ways to cut-costs.

Diamond Dog needed a web-host that was reliable around the clock. They had retail customers from around the globe. The old Diamond Dog website was hosted on a big brand server that was charging premium rates.

After analysing their load patterns, what we discovered was that their original server was not priced right for their needs. When a newspaper or television show promoted their products, they would receive a massive spike in 'hits' from internet users. They needed a web-host that could handle these occasional spikes comfortably.

We recommended changing their web-host to a different reputable web-host that supplied the right service characteristics for their needs. This saved Diamond Dog hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the long-run.