Dice 3

This app simulates dice (sound effects and animation).

You can roll up to 6 dice. You can even gently shake your iPhone to simulate rolling. It is fully customizable. You can select many different backgrounds and dice colors. It is rated 5 stars in the Australian iTunes App Store.


Stepper Motor Acceleration

Patent Information:
  • Application Number: 2011101701
  • Title: Generalized Solution for Generating Stepper Motor Speed Profiles in Real Time

Our R&D Team has developed a new computationally efficient algorithm to drive stepper motors (and other similar devices) with constant acceleration irrespective of the starting angular velocity.

It is designed for the full spectrum of processing power: from basic microcontrollers to powerful processors. It is envisaged that this invention has various commercial applications such as use in toy cars to devices which require a fine control of stepper motors (i.e. photocopiers).

Feel free to contact us with regards to licensing our technology.


The Future

We are currently developing fresh and exciting products to satisfy market needs. Full disclosure will be made as soon as possible.

Our Work

The vast majority of our work has been sub-contract work for other reputable Melbourne-based software development companies.

Our code has appeared in some of the most popular free apps available.

Speculative Projects

Within everyone is the next big idea.

In the world of mobile app development, ideas have almost no value.

What matters is the execution. Bringing your idea from concept to reality as rapidly as possible is imperative for success. There are hundreds-of-thousands of app developers worldwide and it is only a matter of time before someone else executes your idea.

Making the product is only the start of the journey. In this industry the best app doesn't always win. More often than not, how well your app is marketed will determine its success.

We can help. Please feel free to forward a non-confidential presentation of your idea and we'll get back to you on the next step.