• What I Offer

    Make no mistake - This is a 'start-up' company with all the challenges that a 'start-up' company faces. I've worked for ANZ (banking & finance), Rio Tinto (resources & mining), Worley Parsons (engineering consulting) and Crown Casino (gambling & hospitality). What I've discovered is that nothing beats the thrill of being the underdog. That is what this venture is all about.

    I am offering an adventure. I am offering the opportunity to work in real software development projects in a competitive market. It is high risk but potentially high-reward. The weak simply do not survive.

  • Right now mobile applications (iPhone, iPad and Android) are hot. The window of opportunity is closing quickly. I have ideas for applications - some more simple than others. I want to bring my ideas to reality. If you want to one day start your own company, my offer will give you experience and valuable insight into the challenges you will face. I recommend watching the recent film the social network for inspiration.

    We will be starting from scratch. We will be working in a team. We will have communication issues. We will have differences in opinion. We will have personality clashes. We will be making a lot of mistakes - But we will learn from our mistakes.

    Work commitments will be based around your University commitments. Your University studies come first - I have to balance my ambitions with your interests.

    If you are very interested, send your resume and covering letter (explaining why you want to work) to careers@pjebs.com.au

    Phase 1 of the business plan will be learning how to program in Objective-C and/or Java as quickly as possible. Emphasis will be on developing my ideas and quickly unleashing it on the market. Phase 2 will be to expand and develop the capability to make custom-applications for clients (such as large businesses). Phase 3 will be kept secret for now.

    On a final note, iPhone and iPad development is programmed in Objective-C on Apple Hardware. Android development is programmed in Java on any hardware. I will provide all facilities for development. I will interview candidates on Campus.

    If you have any enquiries, please feel free to ask me any questions: pj@pjebs.com.au

    Free Resources: Stanford University - Course CS193P [Lecture notes]
    Stanford University - Course CS193P [Lecture videos]

    NB: Apple iTunes software is freely available for Windows and Mac. Search for CS193P to view the lectures in HD or SD.

About PJ

BEng(Electrical)(Hons)/LLB (Monash)

My real name is Prasanga Jeewan Siripala. My interests are in software development, film-production (screen-writing), philosophy, American Football, Long-distance running and business.


I am looking for Electrical/Software Engineering and Computer-Science students preferably in their second or third year.

Essential: Preferable:

Final Year students are also considered - but only if you can cope with focussing on your University studies and developing software simultaneously.