A Few Words About Us

We are an Australian-based engineering and business consulting company looking to expand worldwide. We specialise in software-based solutions. Our company is based on a business-model that prioritises on our key values such as integrity and honesty before our own profits. We believe that being fair is the key to maintaining solid relationships with clients.

Our Mission

The professional-service, consulting and legal industry is plagued with a culture of over-charging. Employees are under intense pressure to "bill".

Our mission is quite ambitious but simple. It is to change the industry-lanscape: Put honesty and integrity back on a pedestal. We want to lead by example and stamp-out unscrupulous players from the marketplace.

We will maintain our core values and not budge under any circumstances. We will treat all clients equally and with respect - even if you are with us for a one-off job. We will work hard to keep all of our clients satisfied. We want to be known as a company that provides real-world solutions to the most complex engineering and business problems.

How we add Value

1. We minimise your overall costs
As a matter of principle, we provide practical and effective solutions at a price that is generally lower than our competitors. We do not take short-cuts. Nor do we sacrifice quality. We simply believe that the price we charge should be fair to both the client and us. Our prices are true to the actual amount of work.
2. We give accurate progress reports - anytime.
We are only a phone call away. In this industry, project delays inevitably happen. You can closely track our progress so you won't have any unexpected suprises or excuses. We keep you well informed.
3. We plan meticulously
Before we write a single line of code, we thourougly research how to tackle your project and engineer your solution. We adhere to the Agile Development methodology because in our experience it leads to lower costs and faster development.
4. We strive to think from your point of view
We use our imaginations at all times to determine what you really want. We visualise your concerns. We visualise what drives you. In short, we try to interpret the subtext - the words in between the lines - to arrive at solutions that really put a smile to your face.

Our Values

  • Integrity - We strive to always do what is right.
  • Honesty - We want our clients to consider our word to be as good as gold.
  • Fairness - We consider the client's priorities and concerns to be as important as our own priorities and concerns.
  • Respect - All our clients are equally important to us.
  • Trust - Trust is vital for successful relationships. We will not abuse it.